SCSU Astronomy is run by the astronomers in the Saint Cloud State University Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Engineering Science. It is run as part of our departmental outreach to the local community and to provide a way to quickly answer questions from astronomers and astronomy educators in the local community.

The astronomers participating in SCSU Astronomy include:

Juan Williams is an Assistant Professor at SCSU and the Planetarium Director. He obtained an M.S. at the University of North Dakota in 1984 and has been a high school science instructor (focusing on astronomy and earth science) for much of the time since then. He found retirement boring, so he came to SCSU in the fall of 2004 to teach and run the SCSU planetarium.

Dr. John Cabanela was an Assistant Professor at SCSU when this site started, but he has since departed for the greener pastures of a tenure track position 170 miles up I-94 at Minnesota State University Moorhead. He got his Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of Minnesota in 1999 and has taught at SCSU since then (with a two year hiatus in Pennsylvania). His research focuses on using large astronomical databases to look for rare astronomical objects and to answer questions about our galaxy and the properties of galaxies in general.

Dr. Dan Womack is a Professor at SCSU. She got her Ph.D. in Physics from Arizona State University in 1991 and has taught at SCSU since 1997. Her research focuses on understanding comets and their behavior when they are in the outer portions of the solar system (beyond Jupiter).